Hi bookies!

Ya know, I haven’t been doing a good job of blogging since the turn of the year. Yeah, I’m working on a book, but I’ve been doing that for 3 years now and the research will be years more, so that’s no excuse. And, yes, I have another massive personal project going, and the usual family type stuff that everybody has. That’s all true.

But still.

What I can do is start working through my rather massive backlog of Crime Fiction and SFF reviews. No need for links that may eventually go dead, just ramblings from yours truly. Oh boy, you’re thinking, lucky me. Well, I’m really not so bad at the reviewing thing. My editor at ILAM seems to like some of my stuff. So we’ll see.

A shout-out to my newest follower, Kim Smith, whom I’ll bet I’ve met in my doings about town in Memphis. Hey Kim, you’re a member of Sisters In Crime, aren’t you?