Hi bookies! Yes, I know, it’s been quite a while since I posted here. And to those thousands who have written wondering if I’m okay…well, okay, to the one misguided woman who thought I was channeling her long-lost cat, the answer is that I’m fine, but this has been one hectic summer.

Aside from all sorts of non-bookie stuff, you know, like lawn maintenance and family and the like, I have been in school. Yes, back to college. One course required me to actually show up every morning, sit in a classroom and takes notes and stuff. With people half my age (or less). Fun times. It was during pre-summer, which meant 4 hours per day in a classroom for three weeks, then homework at night. Gross. I received an A- which royally peeved me. No way it should have been less than an A+, except the teacher was a dolt.

But that was must warmup for taking two, count ’em, two, online courses during summer session. The total number of pages read for both courses combined topped 3,700! In just over 2 months. That’s 9 books, 7 of them textbooks, not counting videos we had to watch, three written essays or more per week, two mid-terms each with two essays questions, a book review and a comparative book review. Holy cow! I did it, I’m not sure how, but for people who have to physically get up and go to work each day and then try to work such classes into their schedule, I have no idea who they do it. I really don’t.

Grades? Out of 2,000 possible points, 1,000 for each class, I received 2,002, and maybe a few more. Enough to pass, I guess. Hopefully the teachers will add the optional ‘+’ to the letter grade.

And school starts again in two weeks. Two more courses, God knows how many more pages to read…but I’ll try to do a better job updating this one. Thanks to you all, and go enjoy the rest of summer.