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How to be a writer and #6, #7 and #15 done

One of the most common questions young or new writers have for me is what all is involved in becoming a writer. The process itself seems arcane to many people, as if there’s a sorcerous incantation only known to initiates of a secret order of writers. They all want admittance into this secret society.

The incantation itself does exist. Instead of a chant, however, it’s accompanied by a different sound. Namely, the clacking of a keyboard as you’re typing words.

If you’re gonna be a writer you have to write. It really is that simple.

Here’s an update on me plugging away at the to-do list.

#6 involved attending my scheduled cons and I did. Imaginarium in Louisville was a blast.

#7 was finishing book 3 of The Last Brigade. This is done, in line-by-line edits now and the cover is finished. Waiting for the final analysis by two more beta readers.

#15 is pulling out the novel previously titled Hard Time and starting it back up. That’s now done, I’ve added about 5k words to it.


Non-fiction World War 2 book coming in 2019!


Editing decisions, they all count


  1. chung low

    It’s Thanksgiving day William-san! Don’t forget da dessert mind you.

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