This blog post is to thank all of you, my friends and readers. You are awesome! lists some 1.2 million Kindle titles available. (Some sources say 1.4 million) As of this writing, Standing The Final Watch is ranked in the top .7% of all titles.


Holy wow, Batman!

If this measured the wealth of the richest 1%, I would be far ahead of Donald Trump. It’s crazy.

The reviews have so far been over-the-top great and I am truly humbled by the appreciation shown for my work. But I can’t take total credit for the end result.

Wife Kathy has endured my writing for more than thirty five years, and without her support none of this could have happened. She has my eternal love and gratitude for this ‘I don’t get it but at least you don’t play golf’ understanding, stretched over four decades.

Laura Turner of California believed in me from the very start, giving critical encouragement and advice when this book was a newborn needing a mom. Without her it would likely not exist in finished form.

Britt Linder was the best beta reader a writer could hope for. The prologue and first four chapters did not exist before Britt asked why these events were referred to, but not written. My answer?


Tanya Marshall, Jim Irvine and a host of others gave encouragement at just the right moment, when my emotional batteries ran low and I needed a final push. I have left out many people and I can only pray they understand this was not meant as a slight.

The first publisher to offer me a contract (you know who you are) verified to me that the work could stand alongside the other great books available. I have every faith we will work together on a future project, as his imprint is headed for greener pastures.

Lastly, I’m remiss if I don’t give a huge dollop of credit to J. Gunnar Grey, founder of Dingbat Publishing. She is an amazing writer in her own right, you should check out her books, but as a copy editor I cannot imagine anyone better. I would suggest you hire her to edit your book, but I’m selfish. I don’t want you to. I want her working on my next one.

Please spread the word about STFW. I need the help, and the publisher needs a reason to bring Book 2 to market as soon as possible. I don’t like to twist their arm, but I don’t mind if you do.

So thank you all for your support! May God bless each and every one of you!