Good morning bookies! Stand by for news.

*** I’m a lucky guy. Never denied it. So lucky, in fact, that a few years ago I was able to tour part of England (for the second time!) and, as part of that tour, spend a memorable afternoon at the Globe theater. You know the Globe, right? Shakespeare, Marlow, that crowd? Elizabeth I, Catholics being hunted down and murdered, fun times in jolly old England. Well the Globe is back and, according to the stories, this rendition is absolutely faithful in all respects to the original. It’s doubtful that it’s on the same exact site, but it’s close and on the correct side of the Thames, so what the heck.

If you ever visit the Globe see if Kitty is still giving tours. She absolutely made our group’s day, although I suspect she did not remember it the next morning. Kitty appeared to be in her cups. And, if she is giving tours and is NOT a bit wobbly, be kind enough to front her a glass of whatever she likes. It’s worth it. We loved Kitty.

Anyway, the Globe is there, it’s overwhelmingly impressive and now private US collector John Wolfson has pledged his amazing collection of early play texts to the theater, including his Shakespeare quartos and folios. If I ever get back I would dearly love to see them.

*** Here’s an anti-obituary: Forrest J. Ackerman has not passed away. It seems that yesterday Locus was reporting the legendary fan had died, only to learn that if he was dead then someone forgot to tell him. So if you heard it, it was wrong.

*** Dallas has lost another Indie. Or, at least, the Dallas area. We’ve spoken about this many times in the past, I’m sure you remember that memorable evening in front of the campfire warming expensive brandy in cheap metal cups over the flames, but it’s always sad when a bookstore closes. Chains are one thing, but Indies are quite another. To David Norwood, owner of the Bookworm in Frisco, the staff here at wish you only the best.

*** Neil Gaiman is once again turning to non-fiction. This isn’t so surprising, fiction authors often write non-fiction also, but the subject is interesting: China and its journey to the west.