Good day bookies! Just a quick comment on the latest nonsense from ebay.

*** So ebay is, once again, changing the rules of their game. Are they finally giving their hard-pressed sellers a break and letting buyers share some of the responsibility for a sale? Nope. They are, yet again, bashing their sellers over the head and stomping on their toes. Buyers who want to scam sellers have a virtual license to do so from ebay.

I stopped selling there in April, 2008, and boy has life been sweet ever since. (Except for all the parts that aren’t so sweet, that is) And even though I left with 100% positive feedback and before they began whacking small sellers in the face with a shovel, I still had some problems with deadbeat buyers. I can only imagine the nightmare it must be today. In essence, a buyer can hold a seller hostage. Once an item is received, all the buyer has to do is claim that it is not as described, and the burden of proof falls on the seller to prove that it is an described. How does one do that, exactly? Well, one doesn’t. Thus the problem. Or a buyer might claim that an item did not arrive. ebay and Paypal will always side with the buyer, regardless of what evidence is presented, at least according to every forum and message board that your friendly neighborhood bookseller frequents, which is quite a few.

It should be remembered that ebay does not want you to sell your homemade candles there anymore, or your one-of-a-kind embroidered shawl, or that rare book that never comes up for sale. They are doing everything they can to make small sellers leave, because small sellers are too…well, small. ebay doesn’t want interesting, quirky items on the site anymore. They want homogenization, they want sameness and blandness, they don’t want ‘neat.’

Here’s a link to their announcement of all the new rules.

Sticking it to sellers, reprise