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Countrywood Garage Sale

Today is the unofficial start to the Countrywood Garage Sale, which officially begins tomorrow. Hundreds and hundreds of homes in the Cordova subdivisions of Countrywood, Berryhill and Riverwood will be having sales this weekend, including your friendly neighborhood bookguy. Nobody really knows the numbers of homes, but it could top 1,000. Tens of thousands of shoppers show up from all parts of the country. I know the local hotels are full, the streets will be clogged. If I get a chance I’ll post pictures this weekend or early next week.

I’ve already made my first buys of the weekend, even though I’m technically selling this year and not buying. Picked up some terrific rock ‘n’ roll biographies, look for them soon at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/billthebookguy.


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