…Continuation of Ebay…

Let’s make a list.

1. Outrageous fees. Sellers have always had to figure in fees for items that don’t sell, because you paid the fee whether your item sold or not. And, if it did sell, then you paid another fee. Ebay increased these repeatedly over the years, finally reaching the breaking point where sellers were no longer working for themselves, they were working for Ebay. The little company that did not want to act like a corporation became a corporation.

2. Feedback. The innovative two-way feedback system, wherein buyers and sellers were allowed to rate each other, was changed so that only buyers could leave negatives. Supposedly there had been rampant abuse of the old system. But if not before, there certainly is now. Buyer extortion has reached epic proportions according to the forums devoted to this sort of thing. And a few negative feedbacks, whether deserved or not, can find a seller suspended without warning.

3. DSRs. Detailed Seller Ratings. Buyers are now asked to rate sellers on various factors of their purchase, shipping time, shipping cost, etc. Where a seller’s goods come up during a search, or even if they are allowed to sell at all, are dependent on their DSR ratings. And yet no one can explain exactly how this works, including Ebay. When DSRs change without a new feedback having been added, it does make you wonder.

4. An un-level playing field. Wasn’t that the whole idea behind Ebay in the first place, to give the average joe a place to buy and sell without having to involve such corporate beast? To give us the same advantages that the big guys have? Well, it was fun while it lasted. Now, on Ebay, the behemoths pay much lower fees and are not held to the same standards as everyone else. In addition, their stuff comes up first in searches. So much for the founding concept, eh?

5. Homogenization. Ebay wants to be a mall. Why they want this…well, who cares, really. When was the last time you went to the mall and found something unique? If Ebay were an ice cream company, they would have cancelled all flavors except vanilla.

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