CONGO by Michael Crichton

Good Monday morning, bookies. It’s wet and cool in Memphis, kind of nice after a delightfully scorching summer. Today’s book review is once again from early 1993, when I was gobbling up Michael Crichton’s backlist. I chose Congo because of the altogether wretched movie made from what was a terrific book. If you haven’t read it, check out he review and decide for yourself whether you need to; it holds up well, I think.

“Congo” by Michael Crichton. Adventure on a grand scale as a motley collection of scientists, mercenaries, marketing directors and African spear-carriers tromp through the Congo in search of a lost city of diamonds. Though an early book where the rough edges show in places, this book is so much fun to read you don’t care. Amy, the gorilla, is easily the best character. (And no, that’s not a slam.) Highly Recommended. A

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