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We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do

Category: Comics and Graphic Novel

The Hairy Who Sideshow

Hiya bookies, a couple of quick photos of this legendary book, which sold about 45 minutes after I posted it online. Still, I thought some people might not know what it looks like, so here’s a couple of photos I took.

The book was printed by Galaxie Press in 1967 and was compiled by Chicago artist Tom brand to showcase up and coming art talent of the time. My copy was in prime condition, really nice, but nice or not it was the only copy on the internet. Now if I can just turn up a copy of the sequel.

Richard Sala’s NIGHT DRIVE

Flash- coming soon, photos of the ultra-rare self-published first book by famed alternative artist Richard Sala, Night Drive. I discovered a pristine signed copy of this in the new acquisitions I am going through, and have listed it for $99.95. I’ll try to get photos up soon so future fans can see what it looks like.

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