Good morning bookies! I didn’t have a title for today’s blog, I thought Seize the Carp! made as much sense as anything else. With West Tennessee again grey and overcast this short blog entry is just to let everyone know that I’ll be working through my rather extensive backlist of reviews and posting them here over the next few weeks and months, and encouraging anyone with reviews they might like published to send them to me.

School is taking a LOT of time. The paper I’m writing now has to be at least 15 pages, I’m on page 13 and am probably less than half done. Gack! That means some serious editing ahead. The one after that I’ll be padding out, I can tell, which is much harder than hacking off. Double gack and Carpe Carp!

Oh, one final thing. My website is just about done, now just getting the domain name back in place, then it’s live. Cool stuff, at least for me.