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Be my advisor

I need help.

To be more precise, I need your help.

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the publishing process, now’s your chance. See, I need folks whose advice I can trust to give me feedback, honest feedback that tells me what is good and bad in my work. The only requirements are that you love to read, you promise to be honest, and to leave a review when a work is published.

In return I’ll keep you up to date on the inner happenings of my writing business, (things such as how many books I sold last month, which many might find of interest. Or which writers/agents/editors I had a chance to chat with recently, and their input on the business).

You also might get a freebie from time to time. For example, your name in an upcoming book. Or a signed copy of a recent work.

To help me, please do two things: first, subscribe to the site and second, leave me a comment with your name and email address.

Thanks in advance!





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  1. Chris turner

    Subscribing? That would be great! I posted my review of the first last brigade book (under ScifiNerd) and was very honest. My review for the second book was honest and gave an extra star (4 stars). I wrote that I was happy you had a prologue saying that heroes are over the top and that as such a hero, Angriff would be over the top. I would very much enjoy being an “editor” with emphasis on the quotations. I don’t know if I’m subscribing but please let me know. My email is listed below

    • Hi Chris, I’ll check into it and let you know if you’re subscribed. Thanks for caring enough to give me some feedback, I truly appreciate it.

    • Awesome Chris, thanks! I guess you can tell that I concentrate on the characters a lot…if it doesn’t show then it’s my fault, because that’s certainly my intent. The stress of the action is fun to write, yes, but for me the interest lies more in how the characters react to the dire circumstances in which they find themselves than anything else. And I’ll make sure you’re on the list! Thanks again!

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