Morning bookies, this short entry is a little different. Today is a one-year anniversary, and it all started with a book sale. But first, a preface. On Dec. 28th, 2009, we lost our 12 year old German Shepherd, Missy. Then, in late July, 2010, our 12 year old mix, Keisha, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This meant our only dog was going to be our five year old, Daffney. That’s kind of an empty house, for us.

I was on my way to an annual book sale last Sept. 9th, 2010, the same sale where the year before I had found a pristine signed first edition of Walter Mosley’s ‘Devil in a Blue Dress’, when my phone rang. My wife and daughter had been watching this puppy on Facebook at the Memphis Animal Shelter, and the poor little thing was within three hours of being euthanized. So I was directed to head to the shelter forthwith and retrieve said dog. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Being the independent sort, I did what I was told.

This little stray was about six months old. At some point her right foreleg had been broken and healed wrong, so her leg was twisted and she limped. She was emaciated, covered with fleas and mange, and had kennel cough. She was scared to death. But soon, she was ours. We named her Sadie.

I took her to my wife’s office, and the next day to the vet. She weighed all of 26 lbs. We had never had a dog with kennel cough before, so within a few days we were at the emergency room, but soon enough she was well. Daffney hated her in the beginning. Within three weeks, as poor Keisha faded, the puppy was Daffney’s protege and they were fast friends.

We were intrigued by what type of dog she was and to this day I think she had some Pharaoh Hound in her, but it doesn’t really matter. She’s a sweetie and I didn’t even object when she was invited to sleep in the bed. Naturally, with this being her anniversary of joining our family, she doesn’t feel well, but hopefully it’s just an upset stomach and she will be better later.

Yesterday was the annual book sale, and I told the people running it this story, which they liked. As I said then, they didn’t have a better surprise than the one I got.