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The issue of ILAM is posted and, since you cannot possibly read a crime novel without first consulting the brilliant reviewers there, me included, I strongly suggest you skedaddle over there right now and get to reading.

*** So, the lunacy of the government’s war on plot to kill off our kids using the uber-dangerous children’s books printed before 1985 shows no sign of letting up. Isn’t it nice to know these dolts are on the job, making sure that your copy of Bambi doesn’t rear up and shove it down some toddlers throat? Of course, the fear of choking isn’t what motivates them, no, it’s the well known and totally undocumented danger of the lead in the ink (that might or might not be there) that drives these champions of stupidity forward. A pox on all of them.

If you’re wondering what the hub-bub is about, here’s one pretty clear and objective article I found dealing with this. There’s plenty of others out there, this was one of the least hysterical.

Government morons protecting kids from non-dangers