A little news for a Monday

Good morning bookies! Stand by for news.

*** I hate author obituaries but seem them as part of the job. Not only do you lose the essence of what that person is in their private life, but with writers you also lose their public life, that part of their creativity they share with us. Death ends that once and for all. And so today we say goodbye to Tony Hillerman, master of the modern western detective story and creator of Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hillerman but I did correspond with him briefly and he was very kind in his letters. I know I’m saddened today.


*** In her latest newsletter, veteran novelist Joan Wolf lets her fans know that her next novel is something quite different, for her, a story of Mary Magdalene, and seemingly a bit less ostentatious treatment than Mary received in The Da Vinci Code. As Joan says in her newsletter, it’s interesting how much influence this woman has had, considering she is mentioned only three times in the Bible.


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