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*** I think long-term readers of this blog know that I am major proponent of both free speech and personal responsibility. Having said that, there is a disturbing trend growing in the heartland wherein private citizens are suing booksellers who sell books to minors that they, the plaintiffs, find morally offensive. Whether or not the suit has merit, the bookseller must hire a lawyer and defend themselves in court over something that is almost guaranteed to be frivolous. Because, let’s be serious here, what is offensive to some isn’t offensive to others. This should be the individual parent’s responsibility, to oversee what their children are reading. Let’s hope this is just an aberration.

Another reason for Americans to sue each other

*** If you haven’t been getting your daily dose of death and chaos lately, you might try Garth Ennis’ ‘Preacher’ series, the latest graphic novel to finds its way into hardback. I have to admit that I haven’t read these, but as a guy who gobbled up comic books like candy in his younger years, there is a lingering part of me that finds this sort of thing a guilty pleasure. Would I read them? Officially, no. Under the covers with a flashlight, oh yeah.

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