1. Decide which cons I’d like to attend next year and see if they would like to have me. So far none have responded to my inquiries.
  2. Finish writing the fourth novella in my new series Sharp Steel and High Adventure. The story is titled The Demon In the Jewel.
  3. Finish cover for The Demon in the Jewel.
  4. Find new talent to mentor in business. Some of you might not know it, but I’m a business consultant and mentor on top of everything else. I have recently found an impressive young man to mentor and it rekindled the fire to do it again. (Like so many others this young person discovered that work is WORK, and decided to quit at the first obstacle.) If you know of anyone who might like to become a successful business owner, send them my way. But be warned: they’ve got to be serious, I don’t have time to waste trying to motivate those who aren’t ready to do what is necessary to succeed.
  5. Outline book 4 of The Last Brigade.
  6. Write book 4 of The Last Brigade.
  7. Finish prequel to The Last Brigade titled Not Enough Bullets.
  8. Finish writing  Killing Hitler’s Reich: The Battle For Austria, 1945
  9. Finish re-writing and editing two short stories written with Tom Russell, then submit.
  10. Write 5th fantasy novella. Secret title.
  11. Continue submitting short story Tail Gunner Joe to markets.
  12. Re-write short story Winter Storm.
  13. Outline and prepare for writing partially written novel currently titled The Time of Your Life, which will likely be re-titled something like The Prison of Time.
  14. Decide whether to pursue partly written novel currently titled Suntans Within Suntans.
  15. Begin outline for novel idea The Halls of Heaven.
  16. Begin outline for two full length novels in Sharp Steel and High Adventure series, a prequel and a sequel to the novellas.
  17. Learn how the f*** to use Scrivener. This will need to be done before I can outline book 4.
  18. Record audiobook of me reading The Last Attack and/or Unsuck Your Book. Use the result of this to determine whether I can do justice to the Brigade or Sharp Steel books.
  19. Get a recording of Standing The Final Watch on the market, regardless of who is reading it.
  20. . Write sequel to Unsuck Your Book.
  21. Outline and begin writing We Are Rome.
  22. Write book proposal for same.
  23. Outline unnamed alternate history novel about the War for Southern Independence.
  24. Outline prequel for The Last Brigade, tentatively titled Collapse.
  25. Sleep. This is optional.